What is Scottish Highland Dance?

Scottish Highland Dancing is a combination of so many things.  It is sport, dance, and art; it is cultural, competitive, and a learning experience.  It not only permits our child to learn a type of dance but it also expands their horizons in their physical well-being, emotional being, helps them to become more culturally diverse and it gives them a solid base of trust, friendships, and comradeship.

•    Increased muscular strength, endurance, power and flexibility.
•    Development of gracefulness and poise.
•    Enhancement of self-confidence and self-esteem, self-discipline and creativity.
•    Provides leadership qualities, mentoring and teaching opportunities
•    Gives the dancer a sense of accomplishment.DSCN6630
•    Enhances perseverance.
•    The dancer takes part in traditional Scottish arts
•    Gives a formation of a strong education in Scottish culture, both historically and musically.
•    Gives the dancer a sense of belonging and acceptance.
•    Provides a strong family-oriented community, as well as forming wonderful friendships.
•    The dancer gains performance and competitive experience.
•    The dancer learns how to accept mistakes and move on (especially at the competition level).
•    The dancer is given the opportunity throughout their dancing experience to always improve.
•    Provides the dancer with worldwide travel opportunities.
•    The dancer through the lessons, performances, competitions, education and the friendships formed grow and become more rounded in their personalities and abilities.