Marguerite Reid


MargueriteReidbwMarguerite Reid was born in Philadelphia, PA on March 19, 1933. Her parents, Sam and Isabel Watson, emigrated here from Scotland. As a young child she went to Scotland where her love of Highland Dancing was born. She began dancing when she was five in Trenton, NJ with Wilma Buick. Marguerite began teaching at an early age by teaching her cousins, Helen Magee and Judy Magee Hackett. The Daughters of Scotia also provided her with dance students, one of those being Catherine Davidson Fisher.

She was a pioneer in the field of highland dancing in a number of ways. She was also one of the first teachers to embrace the new philosophy of the SOBHD. She was one of the first SOBHD judges in the US. She served as the fourth President of FUSTA. One of the things she was proudest of was getting FUSTA affiliated with the SOBHD during her term as President. Her willingness to try new methods or approaches is what kept her teaching inspirational. She encouraged her dancers to become teachers and judges. Fourteen of her dancers are now currently FUSTA members. Mrs. Reid passed away in 2004.

There are many memorial awards given at various competitions in honor of Marguerite including two at our own Workshop and one at the USIR Championships.